File on c250 won't delete

I have a few files on the c250 that don’t show up on the file list from within WM or Explorer. I thefore can’t delete them.

These errant files were added when the device was hooked up to a MAC (I was demo-ing it for someone). But even connected to a MAC again, I can’t delete them. I don’t want to format the entire drive or I’ll lose other files.

Is there a way to delete the files from the drive’s menu itself? I’m having no other problems adding/removing other files regularly.

hi there, can you tell me what firmware version do you have?  If you go to settings, do you see an option called “USB mode” or not.  If you do not see the USB mode and the firmware is 3.02.05, you have to put the device into LOCK mode and press & hold the |<< button while plugging into PC to force your device into MSC mode.  Once you are connected in MSC mode, then your device will be display as a drive like your thumb drive.  Then you can go in there to select the songs you want to delete.  The reason you have to do all this is because this device has an autodetect option where it switched between modes depend on the supporting system.  For your PC, it supports in MTP mode and MSC mode for MAC and MTP and MSC don’t talk to each other so the files you transferred in MAC won’t be seen in PC unless you force it into MSC mode.  Hope this helps.