C150 issue with permissions

I have a C150 that has some files on that I cannot delete.  I delete them from the PC when the C150 is in MTP mode but they come back.  I wondered if the files copied on from a CD of MP3 files that were by nature on CD in Read only have transferred in Read Only permissions thuis am unable to delete them. 

Windows XP gives no security TAB when viewing the C150 in MTP mode, and in MSC Mode the Music folder does not display even when the Folder option to view all hidden files is on ( I am a Systems Administrator and have Domain Admin Privleges on my Notebook). 

Can SANDISK Help me

C150 Firmware - 2.0.007a

have you tried formatting the player in MSC Mode?  Maybe that will help

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Maybe they are just system files on the player itself, which would explain why they keep comming back. What are the file names?