files wont show on c150

so the problem i’m having is, i cant view all of my songs in my c150 from my computer, because i want to get rid of them and make more space, the only thing is, they jus will not show up in c150 folder. I can only view most of my songs, but it seems like the rest are hidden or something…help please!

Same model, same problem here.  Tried to copy files to player and it froze.  Restarted player and got error message;



Format ?

No Space for DB

Please delete

more than 4 megs

So I formatted the player from Explorer but I still get the same message.  I see my songs from explorer but always get the error message and cannot play anything. 

Any ideas ?


Seems similar to my problem.  I have a C150.  Awhile back ago, I (at least thought) I’d deleted a bunch of songs.  They’re still playing on the player, but do not show up at all either in Explorer or Windows Media Player.  I want to get rid of them from the player, but can’t find them at all, and yes, I do show hidden files and have searched *.*, not just their titles to show everything in explorer.

How do I remove songs I can’t find on the player?