Sansa c240


New to the forum.

I recently purchased a c240 player.  I loaded a bunch of music on it.  However, after a few days, the player reports that there are no songs on device.  I copied them once again and once again they’re gone.  None of the songs nor the voice recordings are there.

What is going on?  Do I have a bad player?


so it deletes itself over a period of time? Is it instant, or does it take a few days?

what firmware is on the player?

have you tries formatting and reloading the files?

    It is not over time.  It will be play just fine, then I turn it off and after a few days of inactivity and turning it back on, it reports with the no files/songs message.

    I have just updated my FW with the latest download from the support site.  And, I will also perform a format.  Let’s see if all that help.

Upgrade of the firmware and a format seems to have fixed the problem.