Sansa c140 glitched!

I have had this player for almost a year, never experienced problems, until recently, my player got glitched up. I read about some similar cases on the forums but wasn’t sure if I was experiencing the SAME problem, so decided to post my own.

Anyways, whenever I turn on my player, it starts playing the SAME song that I was playing when the player got glitched up. Also, it starts playing it at minimum volume, which was what it was at when it glitched up. Basically, it retains ALL settings (even the volume, repeat, and shuffle). I don’t know exactly when my c140 got screwed up, but I think it was AFTER i turned it off one day, it was definitely not DURING playback time.

I’ve tried setting all settings to factory-defaults, and I tried removing/changing the battery, they didn’t work.

Also, I’ve lost my USB Cable and until I find it, I can’t try and delete all the songs, format it, etc.

Please help!