Need installation disk for Sansa c240 mp3 player

I am attempting to return this item to the store. Best Buy will not take it back since I lost the installation disk. Does anyone have this disk sitting around. I will pay cash for it as my mp3 player is useless.

what is the issue with the player? someone here may be able to help or if it is broken RMA is always an option.

What’s wrong with it? 1. I added nine songs, listened to for five days, woke up next morning to discover all songs had been deleted.  2. I can’t figure out how to delete voice recordings. I see that the upper-end models have this ability. 3. None of my friends can help me since they all own ipods which is what I intend to buy next. I just hate losing 80.00 for nothing.

try updating your firmware formatting and reloading all your files. should take care of the disappearing song issue.

as for deleteing the recordings just use windows explorer to browse to the recording you want to delete and delete it. pretty simple.