ok… well we recently bought a Sansa e250 at a garage sale, and they had music imputed in it, well when we got home i set up to transfer our music to the sansa and take out thier’s, but i couldn’t! it doesn’t show a tab for music i can only add songs but not delete ANY!! please help!!

in the back there is an engraving it says “REFRUB” im guessing that means “refrubished?” does that have anything to do with this problem??? how do i fix it because i can’t listen to it without having the other songs mixed it with it!!! 

Have you tried switching the USB mode? There are 2 different ones, MSC & MTP. Files added in one mode are not visible or accessible while connected in the other mode. You can change this in the Settings menu on your player.

Don’t use the Auto Defect mode. This setting can connect in either mode without your knowledge, and possibly cause the confusion you’re experiencing. :wink: