Can only copy one or two songs at a time. (c240)

I just purchased a c240 and I am having issues copying songs to the player.  I have the latest firmware installed and have also tried older versions as well.  I have tried on both Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003.  In 2003 I can usually copy one song and then I get the error “cannot copy because the file is in use”  At that point I can skip this file or cancel.  The file isn’t in use by anything I’ve started as I’ve tried many scenarios to make it work.  Sometimes the third file in line will copy and sometimes not.  I experience exactly the same behavior in Vista except the error is worded differently, and doesn’t mention files being in use.  (I don’t have the exact error text as I am not in front of my Vista machine at the moment.)

Sometimes I won’t be able to copy again until I disconnect and reconnect the player.

I’ve tried both using WM player to sync and just accessing it as I would any other USB drive.  What is funny is I also bought the exact same player at the same time for my wife and hers works fine.

I’ve formatted the player.

I don’t feel like this is an operator error or (ID10T issue) because I am very computer literate and have experience with other mp3 players, usb drives, and even writing my own player software.

Any suggestions?  Thanks for the help!

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I figured out the issue and it is not the Sansa’s fault.  I keep all of my music on a 7200RPM USB 2.0 WD 80GB Passport drive.  For some reason yet to be discovered (I’m assuming it is the limitations of either USB 2.0 or the file locking on the WD drive) when I copy music from that drive to the sansa I get these file locking issues.  When I copy my music to a local drive first and then copy to the sansa everything behaves normally.  This would explain why my wife’s player worked fine as she keep all her tunes on her local drive.  When I googled the error text I got on Vista I found others with the same problem so perhaps someone would benefit from this thread anyway.  When I get in front of my Vista machine, I’ll get the error text and edit the previous post so others may be able to find it better.

Thanks for posting the results.