Hey, can someone help me? My computer has windows vista...

Hey, can someone help me?

My computer has windows vista and doesn’t recognize my sansa c200 series mp3 player.
What? do i do so it can work.

Check device manager and see if/how the player shows up in there.

If you haven’t already try plugging the player in to different USB ports too.  Ideally the ports in the back of the computer.

What comes up on the screen of the player when it is plugged in?

i have a new vista and my songs from my c250 will not synchronize and when i plugg it in my songs come up but can not play them on the computer i get an error that the songs can only be played on device.

i downloaded all songs from rhapsody with my old computer with xp

any suggestions?


The error you’re getting when trying to play the files from the device on your computer is normal.

What kind of error do you get when trying to synchronize files to the player?  How exactly are you trying to do it?

i dont get any errors, they just never synchonoize

maybe i am not doint something right…

as of now all that flashes on the mp3 screen is the message that i need to synchoronize so then i plugged it into the computer.

i have even tried to turn it off, then plugg in. still does not synchonize songs.

I think you may have posted your resolution in the wrong thread.  I may be mistaken though


i dont have a resolution, i am asking for help.

again my mp3 player will not synchronize

It appears that the Rhapsody music is giving you the message. 

Open up Rhapsody and connect your player.  Then right-click on the player and look for an option to update your track licenses.

Are you able to put new Rhapdosy music on your device?

i can add new tracks and they will play

their is not an option when i right click on the device to update track license

i can go under my account and update track licenses but mp3 player does not update. ( it says renewing license subscription  for tracks on your computer)

It used to do it automatically, i did not have to click on anything just plug it in. but i have not updated subscription since i got new comptuer with vista.

The easiest thing for you to do to resolve that message is to format the player and reload the Rhapsody music.