I have the same problem as Deb (“synchronize” comes up on the c250 player when I try to play something, even though I have synchronized the media in windows media player).  I find your manual and videos totally useless.  Is there a simple, plain English, straightforward answer to this problem?  I am not being disrespectful, just descriptive.  I have spent 2 hours trying to work my way through this and find it impossible.  I am neither stupid nor slow;  I have a phd but find your “solutions” illogical.

This is a new problem.  I’ve used the player for a year, dl’ing audio books and listening to them with no problems previously.  Now suddenly I am getting this “synchronize” message. 

thank you.

Where are you getting your audiobooks from?  What USB mode is the player in when you transfer the audiobooks to your Sansa c250?  If your audiobooks come from, say the library, then they should be transferred to your player in MTP/Auto-Detect mode so the licenses transfer correctly.  Usually if you are in MSC mode the player gives this error.

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