c140 won't let me copy songs on to it, please help!

Hi guys,

The c140 has been working great for the few weeks I’ve had it and I have no regrets buying it but recently I’ve been noticing that whenever I try to copy/paste or drag/drop a song on to it, this message comes up: Cannot copy Song-Artist: The directory or file cannot be created, and then it gives me the option of clicking ok.

Can any of you help me on this matter? If so, please reply ASAP!

Thank you.

hey i kind of have the same problem, i have an mp3 player that i want to put music on. i have lime wire and want to put those downloaded songs onto it, but i dont know how. when my mp3 player is plugged in its set up to microsoft media player. if by any chance you know how to help me please let me know. Thank you!

Where are you getting your songs from?