Error Creating File or Folder

Hi SanDisk Members,

Just stated draging mp3 and wma files( 147 Songs)  into my new Sansa c240 and now I 'm getting an error messages on every song file I try to drag to the Sansa c240.

I have 353MB left on the Sansa c240 and I tryed many different files with the same error message.

Any idea what to do ?

Thanks in advance


What’s the error message, please?

Error creating file or folder sounds like a fat system limitation (has 100 files in a single directory) - see if the player is formatted in FAT, if it is, please reformat and change to fat32

or you can delete a song, create a folder and put ur music into that folder insteads

Hi Bleach_Fan,

Not sure how to format to fat 32?   Will this whip out all the files I already loaded in ?

Here are more details.    When I check the properties of the c240 it shows files system fat, 585 MB used, 373 MB free space, 146 songs .

I should be able to add up 250 MP3 and 500 WMA files.   



Hi Bleach_Fan,

Well after making a folder and moving all my MP3& WMA everything is working just fine.

I wish I knew this before posting.

Thanks for your help.


glad i could be of assistance

sorry, guess I was having a blond moment the other night not realizing your error message was in your subject line…  SORRY…