Won't turn on...

I just bought this Sansa Clip 2GB a month ago. And just today it won’t turn on unless it’s plugged into the USB port. Anyone know anythign about this?

If the Clip responds while connected to the USB bus, but not while unplugged, your battery is not supplying power to the device. 

With the device plugged in, have a look at the battery charge indicator.  Is it “rolling”?  This indicates that the charge function is active.  Let it charge for a wee while, then unplug. 

If the device dies out right away, and will not restart via the power switch, you may have a bad battery or battery connection within the device.

It may be time for a replacement unit.  If you purchased this unit recently (I see by your post), you can first contact the vendor for a direct exchange.  Beyond this initial period, SanDisk stands behind the Sansa for one year.  You can contact SanDisk at 1-866-SANDISK.

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Can the battery be replaced?  Or do you just have to buy a new clip?  When it is plugged in, it rolls just like you say and even looks almost fully charged but the minute I unplug it, it dies…please any suggestions?  My clip is only about 1 1/2 old.

That can happen if the lead from the battery had come disconnected.  Return and replace?

This just happened on my Sansa Clip. I’ve had it since I was in my 3rd Year HS That was around early 2008. Do I really need to replace it? Can it be fixed somehow? Something, anything? This clip really means a lot to me and it is sad that it died away. :’(((((

There have been a number of posts on this topic. Apparently, with care, the case can be pried apart. At that point you can check the battery leads and if they are not the problem do a web search for a replacement battery.

The decision to open the case is a personal one, personally, I would give it a try if I had to but maybe not everyone would want to.

Had this on mine today and I managed to prize the case apart without too much damage. The red battery lead was broken and after a quick re-solder all was back to life again.