My Sansa clip won't turn on

I have seen many similar messages to this but not quite the same.  My daughter’s Sansa clip suddenly stopped working the other day.  If I connect it to the computer, the Sansa display lights up and confirms that it is connected.  If I try to turn it on at all…even when connected to the computer, it won’t respond at all–the display just continues to display “connected” and “Sandisk”.  All of the files were still intact until I reformatted the player trying to take care of this.  If I disconnect it from the pc it just goes totally dead.  I have tried the power up for 15 seconds and 30 seconds, neither of these helped.  I left it connected to the pc overnight to make sure the battery is charged.  Any suggestions?

If the Clip responds while plugged in to the USB port, but will not power up when disconnected, you may have a loose battery connection.  You can check this by tapping the center button to wake up the display, while the Clip is still plugged in.

As long as the display is illuminated, go ahead and unplug, and see if the Clip goes dead as soon as it is unplugged.

The Clip has a one year warranty from date of purchase (two years in Europe).  Contact support at 1-866-SanDisk in the US, or check the links under Support, after you click on the SanDisk logo (red) in the upper left corner of this page.