8 gig clip wont turn on

i was listening to my clip the other day and during a song it just turned off.When i went to turn it back on it wouldnt.so i just left it.The next day i tried it again and it turned on.It worked perfectly for about 2 days then it did the same thing again.i have left it plugged into the computer over night and it still wont turn on.It doesnt even trun on when i connect it to the computer. Is it dead or does someone know whats wrong with it? 

Have you tried a system reset?  Hold the on switch uppermost for 15-20 seconds.

I tried that and nothing happened.

If it’s still under warranty, contact SanDisk Tech Support about getting a replacement.

You also could try forcing an MSC mode connection:  with the Clip off and on hold so that the orange under the on switch shows, press the center button down while connecting to your computer.  That sometimes can fix matters.

thanks, i will try that!

i have tried everything. : ( i think its gone for good.I am going to get one of the new ones i think.thanks for all your help though!

You might leave it plugged in for a day or so–these things often come back to life.

Also, if you’re still under warranty (1 or 2 years), call SanDisk–they’ll provide a warranty replacement. 

I tried it again today and it works.what is up with that?when it comes back on it stays on the logo for a while then it says low battery even though when it went dead it had half a charge (on both occasions). how do you know if its still under warranty? i got it a little over a year ago.

It depends where the Clip was purchased.  The U.S. warranty is 1 year; the EU 2 years.