My sansa clip wont turn on.

Well I can plug it in and it will be charging then when I unplug it, it dies. Well sometime it will stay on but then I hit a button and it shuts off and I can’t turn it on again. Help me plz

Try a reset–on switch held uppermost for 15-20 seconds. 

Hopefully, a battery lead has not come loose or detached, but that also could be an explanation.

kk thxs i’ll try that

The same excact thing is happening to me!!

I’m having the same issue as Sinc.  I’ve tried to reset it but no success.  What now?  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!

You can also try to format the device by removing all the song but make sure you have all the backup song in your computer because it will delete everything. :wink:

How to format;

hope this works :wink: