Is my friend's sansa clip dead?

He said at first he could scroll to the group and song, but the song wouldn’t play. Then it just turned off on him and he hasn’t been able to turn it back on. Even when plugging it into the usb on a computer, it won’t turn on.

Did he try resetting the device?

(With the original Clip, hold the on switch up for 15-20 seconds or more; with the Clip+. hold the on button down for 20-30 seconds or more.  Note:  people sometimes have reported that a reset could take holding the on button for up to a minute.)

just read that you should press the home button first, don’t let go, press the power button, and then hold them both.

worked for me!

Thanks a lot! That trick did it for me. My Sansa + died yesterday, though it was fully charged. I tried charging it again, but still nothing and no indication on the display when I connect it to my pc. Just a black display and no drive showing in Windows Explorer.

But now I tried holding the button down for 20 seconds. Nothing. Tried again for 40 seconds… and horray. It’s alive again. Thank you very much for you tip!

Thanks for the tip…the SanDisk Clip was completely dead and plugging in the USB to computer didn’t register at all either…pressed the Back button (little arrow) and held it and pressed the On button and held it, and about 20 seconds later, it came back to life!  Seems to be working fine now.

Holding the power button for 1 minute didn’t work.  Holding power + home for 1 minute also did’n work.  Holding power + back (<<) for about 20 seconds did the trick!  Thanks!

hold down the center button first, then slide the power button up and hold both for about 30 seconds. it should turn normally after that.

I have a Sansa Clip+. Holding power button for 1 minute didn’t work, but the Home+power button combination started it after ~2 seconds!

It died 3rd time too, center+power helped, but home+poer did not. So, it’s a random restart progress, you have to try all the possible comibnations xD (Home+power, center+power,  Home+left+power, Home+center+power, etc.)