Clip died and won't come back on!

So I was using my regular clip as usual. Then all of a sudden it started shutting down when I wasn’t looking. Thought the battery was low and charged it for a while. Loaded new songs on, and now it won’t turn on at all or recognize in Windows. Have tried the reset and other things. Did the power switch and home button trick and the light finally came on, but got stuck and switched off at the opening. Started trying again this morning and still no luck.

I suggest to update the firmware. First, turn off the Sansa and slide the power switch down, then hold the center button while connecting it to your computer. It should now be recognized as a removable disk. Apply the firmware to the Sansa Click here

Tried that, and all I got was Windows saying that the USB device was not working.

It won’t do anything at all.

Can you try to do reset first by holding the power switch up for about 45 secs then try the instructions above again. If it still doesn’t work, I suggest calling tech support :smiley:

Talked with tech support and they said that there was nothing to do. Am out of warranty so i’m looking at a new Clip+. Maybe it’s a battery problem?

I would leave it charging overnight and then try again–these players have a way of coming back to life.

Well, now it will just stay with the wheel light on and a blank screen. It acts strange and still won’t be recognized by  a computer.

I can turn it off and turn it back on. The screen will illuminate and stay on the sansa logo until I turn it off.

Now what it does is freeze on the sansa logo when plugged in and the finally will say that there is too much information on the device and to free some up for the music db. It still does not appear as a drive. Then after a few minutes it changes and charges as usual and will appear as a drive. then everything locks up and I have to disconnect it. I cannot access the drive at all and as soon as I unplug it from my pc, windows says I need to reformat it.