Sansa Clip+ doesn't turn on and is only recogized as removable disk

I was listening to music, and suddenly the next time I turned my Clip on it told me that it couldn’t load the database because there wasn’t enough space. However, back home I couldn’t delete any files because the music folder was empty (even though the device was shown to be full). After connecting and disconnecting the device several times it stopped working. Right now the Clips Display doen’s turn on at all, but it still reacts on pushing the on button. When it is connected to the computer and I keep the on button pushed it connects and disconnects as removable disk. The Clip is formatted by now and I can’t get the computer to recognize it as a Sansa Clip at all and the Device Screen seems to be entirely dead.

As it is still recognized as a removable disk I thought there might still be hope, if anybody has a suggestion please let me know (pushing any combination of buttons for any lenght of time doesn’t help)…as I bough it in Germany and live in Australia right now I can’t return it!

Thanks, Nico

First, let’s deal with the Clip+ as a stand alone machine.

Try a soft reset  by pressing and holding the power button depressed for about 30 seconds, release, then try turning the device on normally.

Does the Clip+ power up now?  If the device freezes, it may not be recognized properly, since the processor of the Clip also handles USB communications.  Let me know is the reset works for you.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

No, as I said, pushing and holding the power button or any combination of buttons for any length of time doesn’t work. but thanks for the quick respond

Do you have any other suggestions??

Have you tried charging it for a few hours, then connecting to the computer using various USB modes (if you can see the screen come on)?  My computer only recognizes my Clip+ in MSC mode (USB mode).  Different computers might use MTP or Auto Detect. 

As the screen doesn’t come on at all I can’t select different USB modes.

Sorry, forgot the screen wasn’t visible.  I read about this tip. Someone wrote in to say their player seemed dead, was there a reset (combination of keys) to try.  They thanked Tapeworm for this advice.

“To Tapeworm for the reset trick (power on followed immediately by the home button) which revived an apparently dead Clip+ (wouldn’t dock).”  I guess I would try it when I was sure the battery was charged first.

A couple of thoughts: (1) Can you reapply the latest firmware to the player from your computer? (See the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum for the firmware and instructions.) Sometimes, the firmware can become corrupt and this solves that. (2) Can you reformat the player using your computer? (On Windows, connect the player and then right click on the player’s drive; there should be a reformat option under one of the tabs under the Properties option.) Note, however: this will erase your content on the Clip. (3) Sometimes, believe it or not, just leaving the player plugged into a power source can bring the player back to life after a day or 2. Maybe one of these will help . . . . :slight_smile: