Will NOT Reset is not Recognized

I have an 8gig Clip + I had it charging on USB through my PC. It was on and was recognized by PC. I saw its icon in the my computer list page.  I put my 32g sandisk microsd card into it while it was still connected and the card was not recognized. I then opened another instance of the window or tried to and it didn’t work I clicked on the sansa icon and nothing changed. So I removed the ad while it was still connected and then disconnected the sansa. I then putit in my four gig clip plus and connected it and it worked the player was recognized and the SD card was displayed everything worked perfectly. The 8gig didn’t fare so well. I turned it on as its screen was blank and it didnt turn on but it cut off after the clover disappeared and the start up sequence starts over again but then freezes at the clover screen and the player goes no further. It holds this for around 2 -3 minutes and then shuts itself off. It wont turn off unless I do a reset press for around 30 seconds. But the situation doesn’t change if I do a 2.5 minute reset hold  it shuts off and wont turn on with a normal press. But requires a reset press (20 seconds) and goes right on back to the same old. If I do a longer reset press like 30 seconds or more it just stays off. I have tried 20 second 30 second 2 minute 5 minute reset presses and nothing has happened.   it does not show up on or even effect the pc except to drain power from it which turns the sansa on and it does the double booting thing and stays on the clover. (what good luck)  It has been three days.   What have you to say for this predicament.  

Guess you guys have seen this befor… however i could use some help. that would be cool.

I wonder if your Clip became corrupted, when you disconnected (or otherwise).

You might try connecting to your computer, and then reformatting the Clip under Windows (note:  this will erase your content on the Clip); and/or reapplying the latest firmware (see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum).  Hopefully, one or the other will fix matters; if Windows and the player will “let you in.” 

You also could try reformatting the microSD card, using the SD Association’s reformatter (although, it sound slike your card is working). 


Hey if my pc doesnt even recognise th eplayer how do i approach the reformating

Unfortunately, you have me there.   :(    I recall seeing posts discussing the PC’s disk management area, promoting going there on the PC and de-authorizing the Clip drive, and then connecting the Clip again, at which point the PC will establish the connection anew.  Perhaps that will help. 

Have you tried forcing MSC mode in order to connect? Have a Windows Explorer window already open. Move the sliding power switch down on your Clip+ to the HOLD position. Now press & hold the center button down while you’re plugging in the cord to your player (the other end of the cord should already be plugged into the computer). Continue to hold the button until Windows Explorer shows 2 new (lettered) drives under Devices With Removable Storage. The 1st one will be your player’s internal memory; the 2nd will be the card slot.

Hi sorry fpr the hiatus i actually did not expect any response I have gorwn cynical using these things. But I am very much unwilling to give up on my sansa. I dont want anything to do with ipod although a kenwood audiophile or a zenvision touchscreen is entertaining they arent nearly as sensible a product as the clip+ i just wish it were far more sturdy or rather less temperamental.

I read Tapeworms post andI have one problem my clip plus has a button switch the hold function is a lock button i belive so i cant slide the power switch into a lock position. how do i approach this.   I havent yet read the post on it bu i am hoping that i can eliminate issues through the new frimware.

tried msc. found solutionon page

Sansa Clip+ 1. Turn device OFF. 2. Press and hold the center button while connecting the device to the PC.

didnt work. how do i disassociate the disk?

Furthermore I have tried going into contoll panel hardware devicemanager and no clip comes up at all  whether or not it is plugged in. It still does that stupid turn on then turn on again freese flower screen thing nothing else. is there any thing i can do here?

Is there a specific drive term that shoudl show up I have extremely generic names for the disks in the hardware section and when i go into properties the drivers are all windows nothing shows sandisk at all.

I KNOW there is a solution this can not be somehting that is just a possibility wit a product it is a degree of trivially overlook unreliability that is extremely unprofessional. The player is working just not properly ie  working to do anythign other than turn on.

BUT it does still show up in the autoplay settings option list