Does not work


My Sansa Clip+ doesn’t work: when I turn it on, I see Sansa, then logo, then Refreshing your media and it stays on the Refreshing… forever. If I connect the player to the PC, it stays on logo forever. The PC doesn’t recognise it as if nothing connects to it.

It would be nice if someone helps me to solve the problem.

Thank you anyway!


Have you tried resetting it?

How can I do it correctly?

With the device on, press & hold the power button for 20-30 secs. It may shut off prior to that time, but continue holding it for the full count. Then release, & press again momentarily (as usual) to start it up again. With any luck, enerything will be back to normal.

Did it. Problem still exists.

There have been many others who have had this problem & subsequently there are a number of threads deovoted to the subject.

Perhaps if you peruse through them you’ll find a solution:

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