MP3 SanDisk clip will NOT turn on

This Friday, my clip must have been turned on in my pocket and the battery completely dried out. When I returned and charged it, the player was kind enough to wait until AFTER it was charged to format my songs.

Some back story, this player takes forever to reformat (or whatever the process is). Patience low, I turned it off. Now it won’t turn back on. I’ve tried holding down the power button, I’ve held down the home button. I’ve held both them down simultaneously and I’m getting nothing.

This is the 4th SanDisk I’ve went through (5th technically, but one of them was broken before it even arrived). I’m considering refunding my player and leaving this company forever. If they won’t load, then the headphone jack will break. When it’s not the headphone jack, the buttons flat out stop working. 

Can someone, please, be my beacon of hope. Show me an exploit I’ve never heard of. I can’t even use the ‘leave it on to run out of battery’ loophole, as the piece of garbage will not turn on. 

Sorry to hear all of that.  I haven’t had such a continuing saga of woes, despite years of use and Clip players.

Formatting is erasing everything you have added. Perhaps you mean refreshing the database, which looks to see what all the files are.

I suggest you should try a different cord. The mini-USB connection is standard.

You might try leaving the player to charge for a bunch of days–hopefully, a trickle-charging of it may be enough to get it up and running again.  And then I would manually reapply the latest firmware, to fix any firmware glitch that may have developed.