Wont turn on

I’ve been having this problem all day with my clip (http://www.advancedmp3players.co.uk/shop/images/products/SANSA_CLIP__/CLIP+_mainlarge.jpg) This model, I’ve only had the mp3 since christmas and I’m very disappointed to say it decided to not turn on today, Ever since I plugged my clip into a mac, it didn’t an icon on the desktop to eject it so I assumed that would be fine. I’m pretty sure this is the reason that it has snuffed but I’m not sure, either way I’m giving SanDisk a thumbs down on this one. Any suggestion/solutions, I don’t want to crack it open until it’s my last resort.

Thank you in advance to anyone who replies.

You can email me the solution if you like at cory1337@hotmail.co.uk


Managed to fix it after reading though all of the other threads, held button down for 20 seconds.