Sansa Disk Clip Won't Respond.

I purchased a Sansa Clip On December 18th. Last Tuesday it just ceased to operate. It wont turn on or charge at all. I’ve tried charging it and it just wont work.

I tried to go to Circuit City(where I bought it) and get it traded in but they wouldn’t take it, and told me to contact Sansa(I sent Sansa an e-mail). I am kind of in a rut. What should I do? Does anyone have any ideas? (Note: it was at somewhere around 80-90% charge when it stopped working. I had charged it all night when I went to bed)

thank you very much


Slide the power switch to the spring loaded ON position, and HOLD it in this position for 15 seconds.  This will perform a soft reset of the device. 

Then, try powering it up as usual.

The soft reset is quite useful, as it resets the player to the last point where it was powered off successfully.

Don’t worry, SanDisk stands behind these wee beasties.  If there’s a problem, requiring replacement in the one year warranty period, call Support at 1-866-SANDISK.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

thank you so much. you have just made my week! i couldnt get it to work for ages. I even set up an acount just to say thank you. :slight_smile:

Um hi well could you help me? I bought my sansa 2GB clip mp3 player the beginning of this year but i won’t work any more. It’ll charge but it won’t come on. Please help!!!

See the post above, as to a soft reset.  Otherwise, contact SanDisk for a possible replacement under your warranty (1 year in the U.S.).

Thank you so much for your help.  I can’t find where I read it now, but I ran the battery down while listening and fell asleep.  When I plugged it in to charge it wouldn’t even light up.  I saw where you said to (plug in half way and stop when it lights up), so I did that and now it IS charging.  Thank you so much!!!