My sansa clip just wont work here!

well the story with my sansa is that it ALWAYS acts up 4 real!

it works and the next day doesnt!

but its usually just doesnt turn on 4 a day or wont charge but today i turned

it on and it wotn let me push the up/play button or the +volume button!

i tried turning it on then off then charging it 4 a few hours it just wont work!

plzzz anyone help! i :heart: my sansa and just dont want to replace it!


do a firmware upgrade, and if that doesn’t help… throw it away and buy a new one!


if it is still under warranty i am sure sandisk will replace it. contact hteir support 866-sandisk

thanks for the advice ill try!

my friend said that she might have gottten it wet

so that might be the problem shes going to replace it

but its still got warranty on it! so thanks!!!

If it got wet, let it dry our completely (and don’t turn it on until then).  In a warm area for a few days (try shaking out any moisture first).  There are a number of reports of dunked Clips starting up after they’ve been allowed to thoroughly dry.

thanks but my freind is replacing it already!

since it doesnt want to work