wont turn on

ok so here is a tough one me and my husband bought two fuze and he got his hooked up to the computer and everything working fine the next day i try hooking mine up for the first time ever and it wont work lets me put music on it but as soon as i unpluged it from the computer it wont turn on

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haha that doesnt really help me . . .

While connected to the computer, right click and check the properties.  It will show the charge level.  The is what the Fuse+ thinks its charge level is at that time.  

Holding the power button down for 30 seconds may allow it to start charging.  

If  you purchased it locally, take it back.  Try the next unit in the parking lot.  Once you start with a good unit, you may come to love it. 

what operating system are you using ?

If xp do you have windows media player 11 installed ?

not sure if that will help your problem but it would be good to know if you want help etc

The fact that you bought 2 at the same time and one works as it should but the other doesn’t, one should logically assume the one that doesn’t work is defective from the factory. You paid the same price for 2 new, working units. That is not what you received.

Take (or send) it back to where you bought it and get another one. You deserve it. If it’s inconvenient to return it to your dealer, you can call SanDisk Tech Support about a warranty replacement. It’s usually quicker to deal with the seller though so soon after purchase.


I have the same problem. I have received the Sansa Fuze + as replacement device after my prior Sansa Clip + had a display error. Now I unpacked it, connected it to my Laptop (Windows 10) and it tells me it is loading (I see the green bar with a white flash). I loaded it with music but when I disconnect it from the computer and press the start button to turn it on, nothing is happening.

When I connect t to the Laptop and check the status by rightclicking in Windows Explorer, it tells me that it is connected and has 0% battery charged. I tried the 30 seconds thing pressing the power button but this did not help neither.

What can I do else?



The issue has been resolved.

It looks like that some USB-ports does not deliver enough energy to initiate the loading process. My device was plugged in the night and today mornng it was still at 0%. Then I unplugged the cable from the computer and attached it via adapter to the socket and it began to load immediatly. 

Now on another laptop, the charging process works fine and I can use the device.

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