Wont play music

i bought a shaker 2 days before christmas, loaded it with songs, tried it out— worked great!  THEN, when the gift was oopened it wouldnt play only said uh oh and shut off. I changed batteries still same uh oh. So I bought another put on the songs, tried it and it played and is still playing. I want to keep the other for a gift for someone else. I paid 32.00 for the thing and 64. just tohave 1 that worked. The card in the other was good as i checked it out in other player. so what do i do to get a replacement, I have 2 receipts for the purchase of 2 separate players, from toys r us.

Return it to Toys R Us for an exchange or RMA it with Sandisk…

it could be that the card was corrupted, try to format the card first and retransfer the songs, if it still didn’t work, you can then return the player.


I’m having the same problem with 2 of the 3 players I bought for my kids. It appears to be the SD card- has Sansa been responsive to replacing the defective cards? I plan to call them tomorrow.