Shaker stopped working

My son’s SanDisk Shaker is only two months old, and it has suddenly stopped working. We’ve tried several different batteries and also taken the card out and put it back in. We would get the drumbeat sound when we pressed the on/off button, but no music; and now we can’t even get the drumbeat sound. Any suggestions?


Ours do the same thing. We returned one and got another after a day of playing when we change the battery it will do exactely that. We get the drumbeat and nothing else in addition when connecting to the computer it asks us to format the disk I am suspecting there is a problem with the card? the old one we returned had the same exact issue.

Dang,  I really enjoyed our 2 or shall I say my 2 and 3 year loved them.  Not sure I would recommend use around pools or bathtubs however.  I think it would be really cool to get a waterproof and shockproof model.

I really love the fact it comes with built in speaker as earphones for little ones never works.

I occasionaly have this happen, it is corruption on the SD card, I have to format the card in a card reader, then copy the music over again. Only happened twice in several months, I have since bought a replacement card and have not had the problem since. SD cards are dirt cheap now, so maybe a new card will fix it for you?