2 shaker bought still having BIG TROUBLES

okay i bought a pink shaker 1st then it wasn’t working correctly and i took it back and got a blue one then it wasn’t playing but one song.so i called the number that came with the shaker and got talked through the process of fixing it.I was told to get service pack 2 the download windows media player 11 i then accomplished that. then i retried to put the music on the shaker and it worked for about 30 minutes then mad that turning off noise and woudln’t come back on i then changed the battery and it turned back on but now it won’t play ANYTHING.i need major help

what format are you putting on the player?

mp3’s wma’s?


hello there to everyone… this shakers are bad for me… My mother by 2 of them for my kids for christmas …; one of them… suddenly stop working and turn-on button flashes all the time… we go to kmart and change that one…2 days later… the same thing the player now is not working… new battery is ok… And the shaker for my little girl works until yesterday when she is listening to the songs… it turns off… by the way that shaker thing isn’t working in none of them…