My son got this Sansa Shaker for Christmas. I have been trying for a week now to get music put on the stupid thing.  Everything shows that the music has been synced to it but everytime I go to play the music I get Uh-oh!  What the heck is wrong with this piece of junk?  I am about ready to take it back and get something more realistic.  I have a Sansa MP3 and love it. Download music all the time…this “shaker” is a piece of ■■■■!

I was getting that too.  I ended up plugging it back into the USB cord and deleting what the windows media player said I had on the mp3 player and reloaded them.  Now I’m only getting about 6 of the songs that are loaded on there. I’ve plugged it back into the USB cord and it’s showing all the songs I put on there but it won’t play them.

we are on our second. returned the first one. This one now does the same thing. After a day of playing we changed battery because it seemed to be out. It gives us the drumbeat sound but nothing happens. Upon connecting to the computer it says we need to format the disk. We just tried another card from another device and it works so the cards must be defective in these?

Yep, the cards that came in the shakers are a little flaky, just pick yourself up a cheap SD card and viola, you should be back in business. Also, try to use a card reader to load the songs, always works much better, also, the card MUST be formated as FAT, not FAT32 as windows will try to force you to use FAT32, it is an option when you choose format. The reason I say use a card reader, if the battery is low in the shaker when you copy over music, it will not write properly and corrupt soon after…

I had this problem too.  The music files must be in mp3 format.  iTunes won’t work and if you use Windows Media player, the format option in the Rip settings section of the Rip Music tab must be set to mp3 and move the audio quality to 192 kbps or higher.  Then the sync works.  Good luck!