My sansa shaker will not load music.

My sansa shaker will not load music.  Evertime I turn it on it makes a uh-oh.  It’s not the battery.  Help please.

What fromat are the songs that you re trying to play on your Sansa Shaker.

Make sure they are Mp3 or WAV other formats are not supported on the Shaker!

I had the same problem.

Tapeworm helped me.

okay - go to windows media player. you can either click on tools and then options or

go to the rip tab in windows media player which is faster and easier to find.

click on the rip tab scroll to format and select Mp3.

click on the rip tab again and go to more options and click on this.

go to copy protect music remove tick,but remember to reverse all this when finished or drm (digital right mess later down the track).

stay in this menu and go to the what looks like a slider put kbps to 256. The slider is called audio quality.

(if the format doesn’t have the options of mp3 go to rip tab more options click then click on file type and tick the box that says mp3.) but before you go to file type remember to click on apply first.

Then insert cd and rip music.

you click on rip and your cd name will be first on the drop down boxs.

once music has downloaded you then plug your ubs cable to sansa shaker and your pc then click on the sync tab and select the add to sync list and then press start sync.

It does work but remember to de select all that you have done except in file type mp3 that can stay.

hope that helps. good luck

THANK YOU 2Chope - did what you say and it works now - yeaaaaaaa