WMA Audio books checked out from library for 14 days but Clip Zip asks for license after a few hours

I used OverDrive Media Console to download DRM protected WMA books from my library and transfer them to my Clip Zip.  I use the 14 day check out option and they work fine to start with, but after a few hours on the first day, when switching to the next part, I get this message:   “Please obtain a license by transfering this title to device using audiobook…”  (There isn’t room on the screen to display the rest of the message.) It’s happened on 3 out of the 3 books I’ve tried.  I don’t remember when it happened on the first book but it happened at the start of part 10 on the second book and part 3 on the third book.

Any ideas on how I can get DRM protected WMA audiobooks to work for the full 14 day checkout would be appreciated.


Have you asked Overdrive about this? I wonder if it is a problem with them and the Sansa Clip Zip.

I am thinking that this is not overdrive involvement as i can play from the download on my computer without any problem and it is only when it is on the play on the sansa mp3 player that the problem occurs and usually on 3rd part. 

I’d look at the USB mode your Zip is in. Settings>System>USB Mode. MTP mode officially supports DRM, while MSC doesn’t, and Auto-detect can unreliably switch between the two modes.

If it isn’t in MTP mode, switch to it, then retransfer the title via OverDrive media console.

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I had the same problem downoading a book from the free NC Digital Library into the Overdrive Media Console.  The chapters looked OK in the console, but once transferred to the Clip Zip audiobook folder the chapters “parts” were out of order.

I deleted the book, set the USB mode to MPT and retransfered in the correct order. 

One question remaining is why can’t I jump parts?  I can fast forward through the hour+ of a part and if I can stop it a minute or so short of the end and let it play out it moves to the next, but if I accidentally run it to the end it starts the part over again. 

Shouldn’'t I be able to jump through the “parts” by quickly pressing the FF button (as on a Fuze or iPod)?