Library loan audio books stop working before due date

I just started using a zip clip for audio books from my library using OverDrive Media Console.  I listened to a wma one for several days and about a week before it was due I got an error message indicating that in order to get a license I needed to transfer it with the Overdrive software.  I called OverDrive Tech support and they thought it had something to do with the Zip Clip.  He suggested I reset the Zip Clip and re transfer the book.  I did that by deleting the book and then pressing the buton on the top for about 30 seconds. After retransfering the book I still get the message.  Any ideas?


I don’t have an answer. Just a similar problem.  Audiobooks downloaded in same way from org for visually impaired, after one or two parts message “synchronize to continue music”.  This keeps happening tho book is 1 or 2 days old and licence is for 14 days.

This is my second Clip Zip. I lost my first one. Loved it and bought another one. That first one never had this problem.

I also never had the problem until months after buying it…

Now when I download an audiobook from the public library, it will let me listen to the first 2 or 3 chapters.

Then it gives me a message that says “Synchronize to renew music subscription.” I don’t have a music

subscription. I have reformatted it. I have reloaded the books so that I am sure that the license is not out of date.

Now it is saying “Please obtain license by transferring this title using audioboo”

I have tried using Overdrive, Windows Media Player, and iTunes. No difference.


The standard answer to digital rights management (DRM) licensing issues for library books is set the Settings>System Settings>Usb mode explicitly to *MTP* and retransfer.  The default value, Auto-detect, can switch between the two modes, and MSC mode supposedly does not support DRM.

For what it’s worth, I use Windows Vista with Windows Media Player up-to-date, *MSC* USB mode on the player (I prefer MSC), and OverDrive’s transfer button (using advanced options to change path to “\audiobooks”) when putting files on my players. I’ve never had the license issues. However, enough people on this forum have said *MTP* mode fixes their DRM license problems that I’m willing to suggest it as a solution.

Note: your *computer* can only see the files transferred in the mode you’re in (if you’re in MTP mode, you’ll only see other files transferred via MTP). Your Clip will be able to see files transferred in both MTP and MSC modes, but viewing files on the computer will give you the impression that files are missing if you switch between USB modes. It’s best to choose one mode and stick with it.

Is this the definitive answer for no access to downloaded library books prior to the expiration date?   I’m considering purchasing a Sansa Clip Zip for a nontechie as a gift and require a seamless interface.