Wireless stick continuously disconnects on USB

hello again!

i posted this yesterday and the post has disappeared?  not sure what happened… anyways, trying to post again…

i have a sandisk connect wireless stick 16GB, every time i connect the device to my computer via usb, the drive will open (ie, shows up under my computer, files accessible), but then after about 1 minute the drive will disconnect, ie disappears from my computer as if i unplugged the device, then will reconnect again seconds later… the device will continue to do this as long as it’s plugged into usb.

anyone know why this happens, how to fix it?  it seems to be an idle timeout issue, as long as i keep doing stuff on the drive (ie add/modify files) it stays connected, but if i leave it idle for about 1 minute, it will disappear/disconnect.  i think it’s a device issue because i use other usb flash drives without issue.

i have factory reset the device, disabled power save mode, and changed wifi channels with no success.  i haven’t upgraded the firmware yet becuase of the disconnect issue, ie if the device disconnects/reconnects before the upgrade is complete this might botch the device.

any help is appreciated, thanks!

Your post didn’t disappear, it was moved to the appropriate Connect Wireless Stick board:


i replied to your other post. 

ah, thank you… i searched the site but didn’t find any results, maybe because i wasn’t searching the right forum.