Wireless Stick not recognized as USB device on computer

Hello! I got a 64GB Wireless Stick for Christmas, and I love it. I don’t have a lot of free space on my phone, so I have the stick automatically backup my photos and videos and delete them from the phone once they’ve been copied.

I haven’t had any issues with the stick until yesterday, when I tried to transfer content off the drive and onto my computer. I plugged the stick into a spare USB port, and…nothing happened. I had just used the stick, so I know it was charged 100%, but my computer did not recognize the stick as a USB device.

I checked drive management - nothing. Device manager - no errors. The drive charges, though - I can see the LED light up to indicate that state.

So basically I have a wireless device that can I can connect to wirelessly, transfer photos and videos to, but that’s the end of the road as far as functionality, since I can’t get anything off the drive. I even tried plugging it into my wife’s laptop, and it was not recognized by her machine, either.

This is a big bummer. It’s three months old and it already crapped out - is it still under warranty? Am I screwed? If this thing is dead, I don’t think I’ll be recommending SanDisk products anymore.

maybe u can try to re install your driver for this wireless stick, if problem still exist try to plug your usb in the other computer, 

if you have tried multiple computers and none are seeing the drive it will likely need to be replaced. It has a 1 year warranty so you are good there. I would recommend contacting sandisk support.