Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick keeps connecting and disconnecting from PC

Hello, I’ve been dealing with this issue for the past 3 hours and its beyond frustrating. Tried googling solutions to this problem and came up blank so I’m here. I’ll start from the beginning of the issue:

Turned on stick by pressing power button. The stick beeped whjte (which is good).

Plugged stick into PC. Downloaded and installed connect app on my iPhone (version 6s)

Was able to get into it, renamed the stick as well. The stick said I had no internet connection so I closed the app and removed the stick from my PC.

I went to reconnect the stick into my PC and now the stick keeps connecting and disconnecting (usb issue). I tried my 6 other ports and the same thing kept happening. It’s not my usb ports because I have mouses, headsets, and other hardware hooked up to them running fine. Yes I connected and disconnected them to make sure they were working fine.

What do I do to fix this issue? Beyond frustrating.

what operating system are you using? do any other USB drives work normally on the same computer? does the wireless stick work normally on other computers? What is the OS on the other computers where the drive has been tested?