Stick not charging, not connecting

Howdy all, I’ve had my Wireless Stick (128gb) for a few weeks now.

When I first started using it, I wasn’t having any problems.

I recently moved, and didn’t use my drive for a couple weeks.  Now, when I plug it in, it won’t even pop up as a drive on my computer (tested on both windows and mac).  I plugged it in to a wall outlet, and I get a solid white led.  I let it charge over night, and I tried again.  When I press the power on button, it blinks a the white led.  If I hold the power button, the white led stays on, but turns off as soon as I release the button.  The drive still does not connect to computers.  

I also attempted the hard reset (holding the power button until the LED flashes).  Regardless of how long I hold the power button, it stays the solid white LED.  

Any advice for something I am failing to do or doing wrong?  Anyone encounter this issue before?

it sounds like it has failed. contact sandisk support to check the warranty status.