Wireless stick will not turn on

My wireless stick 32gb, will not turn on.  It just blinks (White, Green, Red, Green, Red…White, White).    Also, when plugged into a pc via USB it is not discovered.  Any ideas on how to access the files?


sounds like a bad drive. return it to the place of purchase or contact sandisk support for warranty return. 

It started acting this way after I left it in the PC and the PC went into sleep mode.  I suspect the OS (if it has such a thing) was corrupted. 

Any ideas how to retreve the data off of it would be greatly appreciated.


you can try a hardware reset. If it still is not detected after this it sounds like a bad drive. If the data is important and not backed up anywhere you would have to send it to a data recovery company to get the data back. 

Hardware reset


Thanks, I have tried that several times.