Wireless stick just stopped working

I was using my wireless stick on  a USB OTG cable to my phone. The OTG cable was a cheap one and kept disconnecting if I moved  the cable a bit. One time the cable disconnected and it wouldn’t reconnect. Plugging in another flash drive worked but still disconnected if I moved it a bit. Went back to the wireless stick and nothing. Found out the stick just died on me and wouldn’t get recognized with ANY phone/pc/laptop. No light coming on or anything. So I took it to the tech center on campus and after 2 hours, they couldn’t get anything out of it. 

So I thought it was completely dead. FIled for a warranty replacement. Then after like a full 24 hours not touching the stick, it just magicly started working again. Light on, being recognized by laptop etc.

Anyone know how and or why it happened? Because I would like to know how to prevent it for the future.

I’m thinking maybe a software freeze with the stick. IDK.

did you have to charge it before it worked again? i guess it could have been in a frozen state and when the battery ran down that basically reset it. 

Regardless of what caused the issue I would not use the cheap USB OTG cable anymore. 

Yes the battery being drained out could have reset it. Hope a freeze was the only issue.

I don’t recommend to charge this stick on usb charger, Italie just burn out, no light again, no connexion Is abled. You can charge only on computer usb plug.

With all due respect, that is just ridiculous. In fact, if a poll were taken I think most people would say they charge with an AC-USB charger rather than a computer. There’s no harm unless you hook it up to a charger that puts out way too many amps. And most the the AC chargers today are geared for phones, tablets and other small electronic devices so would be safe for this as well.

Pages 6 and 8 of the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick User Manual both recomend charging the stick with a USB computer port or a USB AC-Adapters