SWI IOS and Android recognize wifi but drops and can’t connect


Please forgive my english.

I hhace a Sandisk Wireless Stick 64 Gb

Iphone 6s 9.3.5

Ipad mini 4  11.2

Samsung A3 2016  7.0

First time using the Stick i connected , one at the time, tested all 3 devices. Everything was fine.

No problem with stick wifi. I also uploaded some pics.

Used as a usb at windows 7 with no problem.

But the next time I tried I registered this problems:

1- can’t connect to the network (the original message is in spanish) . This problem in all devices.

2- When I connected to the USB port of the PC, it began to appear and disappear constantly. 

3- Sandisk app with no connection 

Then I formated  it using expat and later restaured it to factory.

can you help me, please? 


if you tried a factory reset and the problem persists (not connecting on the PC or wifi) the problem may be a hardware issue. if that is the case i would recommend contacting sandisk support for a possible replacement.