SanDisk not work iOS 9.3

SanDisk still does not work with iPhone 6plus with latest ios9 system.

I can connect with the SanDisk wifi but not the Internet no matter what I do including firmware update latest yesterday. I turned off cellular data specific to SanDisk and failing that turned off cellular data service period.
SanDisk found the Internet access WIFI but doesn’t override the LTE or 3G.

here is the process for connecting to internet using the wireless stick app. 

It doesn’t work for me as well.

iOS 9.3.2 on either an iPad Air or iPhone 6sPlus

Stick firmware 4.1.0

SanDIsk App 1.0.37

When trying to connect to the Internet, the access point shows up.  If I select it, the Stick won’t connect.  It looks like the password has been cleared or changed.  If I remove the access point from the “known” list and reselect it, the App asks for the password and I get “Establishing connection …” message, but the App quits unexpectedly most of the time.  Occasionally it will finally connect.

The behavior with my desktop Mac is different, but equally useless with the Mac unable to connect to the Stick most of the time.

I carefully read the above description of how to configure the Stick from drlucky and that seems to work.  I’ll try a few things and report back.

Safari (9.1.1) won’t connect to the Stick other than showing the No Stick Connected webpage.  Chrome appears to work.  I haven’t tried FireFox yet.