Help needed. iPhone WIFI connects but app can't find drive.

I have connected the iPhone to “SanDisk Connect FC75E2” and gotten a valid IP address and DNS server info from the device.

When I open the ConnectDrive app, the status indicator spins for a few seconds then gives the message, “Drive not detected!” together with some hints.  I can’t exit from this screen except by doing a Force Quit on the iPhone app.  I can access the sample content on the drive from my Mac’s USB port.



OK, replying to my own post - I know it’s bad form, but I can’t find the “Edit” button!

Anyway, here’s what I’ve learned:

As I said in my original post, connecting directly to the Wireless Stick from my iPhone does not work.  I get a “good” connection in the WIFI Settings, but the ConnectDrive app can’t find the drive.

So, I downloaded the Android version of ConnectDrive onto my Android tablet, and connect over WIFI just fine.  Then I established an Internet connection, using the Android app, to my local WIFI network.  Now the iPhone, connected to my WIFI network, not the Wireless Stick, connects just fine.

I still want to solve the issue of not being able to connect when I’m outside my WIFI network.


Are you sure you are using the correct app on the iPhone? sandisk has 3 different wifi products and all of them use different apps. See the knowledgebase article below. 

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OK, replying to my own post - I know it’s bad form, but I can’t find the “Edit” button!

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Oops! Yes, that’s true. I forgot. :flushed:

Yes, I used the wrong one at first, but then I found the PDF for the manual and installed this one:

SanDisk Wireless Stick - SanDisk Connect Drive Image

I’m wondering if the software has been updated for iOS 9?

I have the same trouble with my iPad, also running iOS 9

(Does anyone from SanDisk read this forum???)


Yes the connect app is updated and works with iOS 9. latest version of the app for iOS 9 is 1.0.15 (1115). Latest FW is 4.0.2 (238) If you ahve this it should work. I have been using mine all day. 

SanDisk does monitor the forum but this is mostly a user forum. If you are looking for direct contact with sandisk contact their support. 

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1-866-726-3475 (English)