For those who cannot connect the drive to iOS 10 devices

For those who cannot connect the drive to iOS 10 iPhone and ipad

I suffered from the same issue and after a week I figured a workaround.
Problem: when you connect to the drives wifi, your iOS 10 devices tell you it’s insecure public network and it hasn’t got internet. When you open Connect Drive app, it won’t connect to your wireless connect drive

Workaround: DO NOT use DHCP up address, use Static IP address instead. Press the power button for 15 seconds to reset your drives setting, once it’s reset connect to the drives wifi - do not open the app just yet (very important). Mark down your DHCP details - IP address, subnet mask, router, and DNS, and copy all these details to Static IP setting and use Static instead. Then you can open the app and enjoy

Hope this helps

Can not get the Static IP Address to work for ios 10.1.1

Thanx!! It worked in ios10.2:laughing:

Hi , I have just bought a Sandisk media drive 32gig drive,  it refuses to connect to any of my iOS devices , however , after following your advice , I can connect it to my device WIFI , but here’s the problem , the app refuses to see the drive ! I’ve tried hundreds of different configurations in static settings , but to avail , when I open the app after the drive is connected , the WIFI lights flash , but no connection , tried this on both my old iPad up to new iPads and iPhones , not one will connect ! I’m pretty disappointed with this product, not one amazing review on YouTube covers these issues ! . Help . 

Hi SEC1,

Your post mentions the SanDisk Media Drive. This is a different product to the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick, where you have posted.

If you have the SanDisk Media Drive and not the Connect Wireless Stick, I suggest you post in that forum as they are very different products. They use different connection methods and different apps on the phone.