Windows media player suddenly doesn't recognize Sansa Fuze

Hello,  I just recently got my Fuze and I really like it.

It was originally in Auto mode and I was using WMP 11 to transfer songs and playlists to it.  It was working well, except that I discovered that WMP was transferring a bunch of duplicate songs (4 or 5 copies sometimes).  I read on the forums that if you put the Fuze in MSC mode that will eliminate the duplicate songs issue with WMP.  So I formatted my SD card, put the Fuze in MSC mode and used WMP to sync over a bunch of songs. 

It worked great and there were no duplicates.  However, today I plugged in my Fuze and WMP won’t detect it.  I’ve tried rebooting my PC (It’s Vista Home premium 64bit, btw) and I tried updating the firmware on the Fuze to the latest.  But still WMP won’t detect the device, although I can see it in Windows Explorer.

Now I really have two issues.  The reason I was trying to use WMP was because all my playlists are in WMP and of course I lost the ability to sync them when I switched to MSC mode.  I had found some work arounds for on this forum and I was going to try them when I discovered that WMP isn’t detecting the device anymore.

I would be happy to switch to another app, if I could import my playlists and it wouldn’t create duplicate songs on the device.  Does anyone know the best way to go about achieving these two things?

One more question.  I read somewhere that MTP mode eliminates the “refreshing music” that happens every time I unplug my Fuze.  However, when it was in Auto mode (and being seen as a portable device by Windows and WMP) I still got the long “refreshing music” screen when unplugging the device.  Is that normal?

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Well, I switched to MediaMonkey and I really like it.  I switched my Fuze to MTP mode and copied over all my songs and playlists with MediaMonkey and so far so good.  I’m still getting the really long “Refreshing your media” when disconnecting my device.  Is there any way to eliminate that?