WMP wont recognize files on my fuze

I used wmp to sync music onto my fuze, but now when I connect my fuze wmp doesnt show all the files on my fuze.I can listen to them on my fuze and see them on there, but its like there invisible to my pc.When I click on Internal Memory that wont show the songs either. Please help.

Make sure the Fuze is disconnected, then go to Settings>System Settings> USB Mode> MTP, then reconnect. If you use WMP you have to be in MTP mode. If your Fuze is not in MTP and thats the way you added the files then you wont see them in windows explorer.

OK, I did that but wmp still wont recognize alot of my files.Does that mean I have to sync the music all over again now that its in mpt mode?Is there a way to erase these files on my fuse without doing one song at a time since theres like 300 songs that my pc wont recognize? thanx for your help

Go to Settings> System Settings> Format> Yes. This will delete all the files on the Fuze. Then Using WMP add the Files again.