HELP...New Sansa Won't Sync


I have a new Sansa Fuze 8 GB. For some reason my pc will not sync protected wma files. Ideas?


Be sure your Fuze is in MTP mode.  Settings/System Settings/USB Mode/MTP.

Since you just purchased your Fuze, be sure to load the latest firmware. LINK and instructions.

Go Sansa!



It was in auto mode so I forced it to MTP mode still didn’t work. I checked the firmware and it is current. So I still can’t sync these protected files. HELP!

Do you have the rights to the music?  Did you get them using a subscription service?  The track licenses may need to be renewed.  If you are ripping your own CD’s, then you need to uncheck the Copy protect music option. 

Go to Tools/Options/Rip Music/uncheck the Copy protect music box.  Rerip and try to sync.

Go Sansa!

Yes I can play the audio files in Windows media player with no problems. I can even transfer the the same files to an old creative zen that this sansa is “supposed” to be upgrading. I have gone through all of the security and clock settings. I have tried to sync protected files with (3) different computers.  My gut feeling now is that this Sansa is bad. I have formatted from the player, formatted from media player. Let me know if you can think of anything else!


Where is the music from? Is it protected? It should sync fine with WMP, try to drag and drog if its the last option.