Synchronize message comes up

Am trying to set the Fuze up for my daughter’s Christmas gift. Done the updater routine. Downloaded 2 cd’s from Windows Media onto the Fuze. Start playing one of them, as it’s playing I hit the button to go to the next song. On the screen a message in a red box appears stateing “Synchrnize to continue your music subsciption”. I have synchronized it twice on WMP. It wont let me play the next song. It starts scolling through the library alphbetically by song regardless of artist. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.

In Windows Media Player, you must turn off copy protection if it’s a ripped CD causing the issue.

Open WiMP (I am using version 11 for this example), and click on the little bar at the bottom of the Rip tab.

Select More Options…  and under the new box, select the Rip Music tab.  Mid-screen, look for the box next to Copy Protect Music , and be sure it is not selected.

From WiMP, delete the fies ffrom the Sansa that cause the error:  Click on the Sync tab with the Sansa plugged in.  Look down the list in the main screen for the Sansa, and expand the list for the Fuze by double clicking on it.  Highlight the offending album and delete it.

Now, go back to the library in WiMP, and retransfer the album.  Voila!

While you are at it, you can update the firmware in your new Fuze to the latest version, as synchronization issues have been addressed with the newer firmware builds.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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Bingo neutron_bob! Works great now. Thanks.

This didn’t work for me, and I have same exact problem. Could it be my wmp? It’s version 11.

If you choose mp3 as the fomat to rip to, then you don’t have to worry about files being protected. There are no protected mp3 files. Using mp3 rather wma files on the player will give longer battery life.

i have the same problem but i am not using windows media player nor limewire …im actually using imesh to dowload music on it but know that box pops up …what shouold i do ???

This is a DRM Issue, Some how you have files that are protected in your Imesh library. I am not that farmilliar with Imesh so I cant offer a solution as it were but I can say you have to change your DRM Protection. I Just looked at their website you may also want to check there.

I noticed that it is a P2P Network and it says its “100% Legal”, I hate limewire so I am lookin to change, what I wanna know is why is Imesh legal when it is pretty well known that limewire is not?

P2P networks are legal. It’s just the things they’re USED FOR that are often illegal.

By legal i mean things you cannot be sued for. P2P users can and have been sued by RIAA, Record labels and Artists.

I’m aware of that. But they weren’t sued for using P2P networks, they were sued for HOW they used them. It’s like anything else that could be used in a criminal way. Should cars be outlawed because some people use them to kill other people?

hi all i had the same problem, had ripped the cds onto windows media player but just as an ordianry pc user, when i ripped to an adminstrator i had no problem,

thanks everyone

Hi Bob!

I too am having a problem with this same message on my e280.

It comes up when I try to play what I have recorded from the fm radio.

What should I do?



I am having the same “syncronize to continue your music subscription” messege error.  I use rhapsody and buy my downloads.  This messege only seems to occur with some downoads.  I’ve actually listened to the downloaded music for a week.  I updated my Fuze, and then downloaded the new tracks.  A week later the messege came up.  Any suggestions?