Error message when playing certain songs


After reading through several pages for the topic on the error message “Synchronize to continue your music subscription”, I found one many pages back, and I need some clarification on some things, so I just posted a new message for convenience sake. 

As I understand it (and please correct me at any and every point), in order to correct this problem what I need to do is switch to MTP mode and re-sync the problem songs back to the sansa Fuze player.  About 99% of my files came from CDs years ago, and this is the first such problem I have had with Any of my music files, and I have had several music players in the past, including Sony, Apple, and another brand I cant think of.   Anyway, the thing is this message isnt displayed just with certain albums, it’s only displayed with certain songs. For example one album will have 9/14 songs that have this error message.  I just need a little clarification on the process of putting songs on the Fuze in MTP format, for example do I need to only do this with songs that have the error, or can I do it with songs that dont have the error as well?  Also is there a way to do this without using MTP?  Like I said before, I have had this music for years and have never had any trouble with it until now.  Any and all help is MUCH appreciated.

The question is how the songs were ripped from the CDs. If you were using Windows Media Player in its default mode, it was turning them into copy-protected .wma files, which could only be played on devices that had the music sent over–with its unlock codes–via Windows Media Player. Maybe those codes have gotten corrupted over the years.

So if the songs are still in your computer, erase them off the Sansa and send them over again via Windows Media Player in MTP mode, which will also transfer the codes. 

You only need WMP if they are copy-protected files. If they are plain old mp3 files you can drag-and-drop them in MSC mode, which makes the unit look like a flash drive to your computer. Your computer won’t be able to see the files sent via MTP unless the unit is in MTP mode–in MSC, the Fuze will look empty. (Once the files are on the Fuze, the Fuze sees them all and doesn’t care how they got there.) 

Go into your Windows Media Player and change the Rip settings so the format it’s ripping to is .mp3. It won’t help your previously ripped albums, but it will not put copy-protection garbage on anything new that you rip.