PROBLEM - 'Synchronize...' message - songs won't play

Hi guys,

I have a problem with my 4GB Fuze. I’ve had it for few months now and it worked fine until recently, when I tried to download some tracks to it and it came up with ‘Synchronize to continue your music subscription’ red error message and the relevant song just won’t play.

I have tried to delete the CDs and upload them again and I tried it on couple different computers too. I use Windows XP and Windows Media Player 11.

Has anyone had the same problem? Can you help me please?


Windows Media Player may have added “protection” to your files when you uploaded them. Since you have other copies, I suggest clearing the unit by using its Format command under Settings/System Settings.  That will delete everything you have added to the unit.

Now, open WMPlayer and right-click on Rip/Options/Rip Music. Under Format, which if you’ve never changed this option probably says Windows Media Audio with Copy Protect Music checked, say goodbye to annoying Windows Media Audio and switch to mp3, which will never ever cause a Synchronize problem.  (See how Copy Protect is grayed out?)  Move the slider rightward toward Best Quality: at least 192 kbps. (I use 256 kbps).

Then rip your CDs, which will now be turned into mp3 files that play nicely with all the other children.