Sync Problem

Hi all. I purchased a Sansa Fuze back in August for my wife’s birthday.

In syncing the player, I have run into an issue that I hope someone can assist me with. When I sync using MTP, about one third of the songs are not playable. When I sync in MSC, all songs are playable.

Most of my music is in WMA mode, only a few in MP3 mode.

Can anyone help me understand why this would be?



Are you sure you don’t have that backwards?  Meaning, are you sure it’s not MTP mode where all your songs play correctly?

If your WMA files were purched from an online music service they are almost certainly DRM protected.  In which case they will only work in MTP mode.  MSC is generally preferable, but if you have DRM content you have no choice but to use MTP.

However, if your original statement is correct and your files will play in MCS but not in MTP, then I have no idea what the problem could be.

I am sure that it is MTP mode that is causing the problems. I think that I had some unsupported formats (WMA Pro). Once I converted the files, things appeart to be working correctly.


Yes, WMA PRO is a NO-GO!